Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Since 1988, we have helped thousands of Beaver County residents.  The Pharmaceutical Assistance Program is designed to assist Beaver County residents who are without prescription coverage. We help them acquire their medication by facilitating the paperwork between the client, the prescribing physician and the pharmaceutical company who manufacturers that particular medication. We work with over 100 pharmaceutical firms and abide by eligibility guidelines. We are proud to say that there is no fee for this service.

A. You must be a resident of Beaver County and be without prescription coverage.

A. No. Any type of illness/condition qualifies a patient to apply for the program.

A. Not all of the medications available on the market are available in the program. This is determined by the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the medications. In addition, if a medication is available generically, the brand name of that medication will not be available

A. Every pharmaceutical company has established their own financial guidelines. Beaver County Cancer & Heart Associations will follow the pharmaceutical companies’ financial guidelines.

A. Generally speaking, it will take 4-6 weeks for the paperwork to be processed.

A. There are four (4) different ways pharmaceutical companies will distribute their medications.

1. In most cases, the medications are sent directly to your physician’s office. It will be your responsibility to pick up the medications at the doctor’s office.
2. The medications may be sent directly to the patient’s home.
3. Some pharmaceutical companies issue an ID Card with which you can obtain your medication (s) at a pharmacy.
4. Some pharmaceutical companies will issue vouchers/certificates to the patient.These voucher/certificates can be used to obtain your medications at a pharmacy.

A. In most cases, authorization is given for either a six month or a year supply with refills every 3 months. Most drug companies have no time limitations on how long you can receive your medications if you remain qualified.

A. The Pharmaceutical Coordinator will coordinate and authorize refills for the patient. Depending on the company, refill requests may be made by the patient. In those cases, you would be given refill instructions.

A. The answer to this question is dependent on the medications prescribed to you. Some pharmaceutical companies will assist people in their coverage gap and some will not. Generally speaking, the paperwork process takes approximately 8 weeks because of an appeals process.

For more information, please call Jennifer Smith, Pharmaceutical Assistance Coordinator at 724-774-6600.

2019 Pharmaceutical Assistance Program Application